Twerking Santa Claus

Posted: December 01, 2019
Twerking Santa Claus
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Twerking Santa Claus and his rump-shakin' special sauce aren't new for this Christmas season, but the fact that he's back on the shelves means something even better: the booty bouncer is well on his way to becoming a holiday classic. And certainly the newest member of my list of the best holiday decor and supplies for 2019.

Twerking Santa, who likes big butts and cannot lie per the demo video, stands about 13.5" tall, which sounds pretty long, strong, and down to get the friction on to me. In addition to adding Twerking Santa as the ass cherry on top of your own festive decor, you might also consider his battery- and push-button-operated cheeky moves and grooves for a literal offering in this year's Dirty Santa gift exchange.

And if you really want to win Christmas - or at least piss off Mrs. Claus - grab one of these tongue-wagging elves and set up Twerking Santa right in front of him on the mantle.

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