Hypersphere Vibration Therapy Ball

Posted: February 12, 2016
Hypersphere Vibration Therapy Ball
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Hyperice has a mission to keep athletes healthy. And while their brand of athletic health doesn't come cheap, the company has applied some standout concepts to traditional sports therapy and recovery accessories that, at least in part, explain the higher price tags. (The other part is that they want to turn a profit.) Hyperice's compression body wraps incorporate air release valves and ice cells for more complete shoulder / arm / leg / back injury coverage, and their Vyper vibrating foam rollers, well, vibrate. To penetrate deeper and draw more thorough muscle and fascia release.

The new Hyperice Hypersphere joins the Vyper team, but in a different shape, and with more versatile applications. Hypersphere uses localized vibration therapy to loosen and increase circulation in pinpointed parts of the body. While a foam roller works well for the legs and glutes, its long cylindrical shape can make it difficult (both to position and apply adequate weight to) to use on the back, shoulders, neck, and chest. The Hypersphere has 3 vibration speed settings that combine with concentrated pressure from the firm 5" ball to loosen soft tissues and help maintain or restore their flexibility and range of motion.

Hyperice recommends using a Hypersphere for both warm-ups and recovery while training and competing.

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