Eat, Drink & Be Standing Plates

Posted: June 16, 2016
Eat, Drink & Be Standing Plates

Great Plate gives a hand to anyone with a pile of beef brisket and a freshly cracked beer. A burger and a red cup. A bratwurst and a can of sodie. This nifty champion of standing up while chowing down has a high-rimmed edge and built-in center cup holder to keep both your grub and your glass contained, tidy, and, best of all, accessible via fork or freed-up fingers without having to sit or set the plate down.

Great Plates are a great contender if you're dishing it up outdoors, be it for a backyard BBQ, meal around the campfire, pool party, or tailgate. The plates also help protect couches and floors from spills when used indoors. Their design is similar to the Go Plates that showed up around here a few years ago, but of the two I think I prefer Greatness to Going. Rather than a proper cup holder, Go Plates have a center hole that can accommodate various types of drinking container. But to hold the drink in place, you have to grip the can, cup, or bottle itself, which could be wet and slippery, and also heat your drink up since it won't fit in the Go Plate if it's in a koozie.

This Great Plate listing includes a pack of 12 stackable, reusable, dishwasher-safe dishes. They're made of FDA-approved virgin resin polypropylene, and are recyclable when their useful life runs out.

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