Nighttime Poison/Morning Antidote Coasters

Posted: April 03, 2013
Nighttime Poison/Morning Antidote Coasters
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55 Hi's has already given us birthday cards that double as origami shot glasses. Now the paper virtuosos have some ideas for friendly--and not so friendly--potions to fill them with. One side of the Pick Your Poison coaster set serves as a cocktail mixing guide to juice up your Saturday nights, while the other doles out hangover elixir step-by-steps to troubleshoot your Sunday mornings.

Green-tinted poisons on the nighttime faces include The Ninja Turtle, The Painkiller, and The Mind Eraser. Turn them over to reveal complementary, soothing blue breakfast antidotes, such as The Shredder, The Adrenaline Shot, and The Ginkgo Biloba.

Pick Your Poison coasters come screenprinted on ultra thick blotter paper in sets of 6. Each side is laid out with an ingredient list, mixing instructions, and drink descriptions with item facts and histories.

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