Outdoor Wine Glass Holder

Posted: May 11, 2016
Outdoor Wine Glass Holder
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Maybe you don't need outdoor wine glass holders for yourself. I don't. I need outdoor wine glass holders for my girlfriend. So that when we go to see a summer movie in the park on romantic date night she doesn't tip her over her Chardonnay and spill it all across our blanket after sip #3, forcing us to spend the rest of the evening arguing about who has to sit in the wet spot instead of enjoying Zoolander under the stars.

Bella D'Vine has made these vino consumption accessories to stabilize rickety wine glasses on a variety of outdoor surfaces. With a set of securing prongs for stemmed, and a shallow depression for unstemmed glasses, plus a trio of holder attachments, you'll be able to: 1) stake your glass in grass during picnics and outdoor concerts, or in the sand at the beach; 2) strap the holder to a patio chair or deck railing; or 3) suction cup it to the deck of a boat or hot tub.

To enjoy your summer nights with a whole glass...or 5...of wine in a spillage- and breakage-free environment, check out Bella D'Vine's outdoor wine glass holders, available 6 different colors.

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