Pirate Vs. Ninja Sword Corn Skewers

Posted: May 07, 2014
Pirate Vs. Ninja Sword Corn Skewers
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I guess they couldn't decide whether people would prefer to skewer their corn with pirate or ninja swords, so they just made a set incorporating both. Alien vs. Predator-style. Pirate vs. Ninja--who would win that battle? In life...bah!...it's too philosophical and complex of a question to wrap my head around right now. But I do know exactly who would win the Pirate vs. Ninja corn cob skewer battle: whomever's sword was on my corn cobs. I can eat corn like a drunk fat man with an inner ear infection on a skateboard can eat pavement. People talk about finding corn in their poo. At the height of cob season I'm lucky if I can find any poo in my corn.

Corn cob holders in swords pirate and ninja have plastic handles and stainless steel pins to protect hands from the greasy butter, sticky salt, and spurting kernels of the corn on the cob consumption process. They come in sets of 4, with 2 pairs of each sword representing their corresponding swashbuckling or assassinating wielder.

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