3D Animal Car Window Decals

Posted: January 20, 2023
3D Animal Car Window Decals
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Honk - no, hoink - if you like pigs busting out the back of car windows! Not all the 3D Animal Car Window Decals in the Andre Valois Shop are as realistic as the cheeky porker you see above, but I've pulled a shortlist of the best, and they are outstanding.

In addition to the 3D pig, I'd let any vehicle sporting the following into my lane during rush hour:

  • 3D dairy cow licking its left nostril;
  • 3D stoned-happy Corgi;
  • 3D Maine Coon poised to take out the next bird...or Dude eating nuggets in his car...he sees;
  • 3D Yorkie who can't take the 4 kids in the minivan yapping even louder than he does;
  • 3D Sphynx in need of some fresh air following a rancid fart let loose by her chauffeur.

All 3D Animal Car Window Decals measure 12" x 12", and are made of PVC plastic.

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