Auton Under-the-Bed TV Lifts

Posted: March 31, 2017
$7,595 - $13,895
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What's that, She-Ra? No, nope, I wasn't watching TV in bed. Do you see a TV in here? Must have heard Legion blaring from another unit...hey, no! Don't...don't look under the bed!

The ultimate in HDTViewing trickery, Auton's Dream Machine lifts mount your television to a hinged mechanical stand that moves along a track to slide it out from under your bed when you want to watch, and then back, unseen and out of the way, when you don't.

Whether or not you can use one of Auton's under-the-bed-lifts obviously depends on the clearance between your bed frame and the floor, the width of your bed versus your TV, and...what else you got hiding under there. Auton sells 6 different standard Dream Machine models able to support televisions of various sizes and weights. They also sell the same 6 models with swivel arms so you can move and tilt your screen while viewing.

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