3D Video Game Shadow Boxes

Posted: February 06, 2017
3D Video Game Shadow Boxes
$35 - $74.50
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Glitch Artwork goes 3D geeky with cut prints and foamboard in their series of video game shadow boxes. What's your 8-bit pleasure? From Street Figher to Super Mario Bros., Pac-Man to Mega Man, these hand crafted pieces of wall or desktop art will spruce up any gamer's gamecave with a rad retro aesthetic.

3D shadow boxes come in various sizes, from the 4" x 6" Contra boss battle (end of level 3) piece to an 8" x 10" landscape of Super Mario World. Glitch sends all artwork ready to hang in a wood frame. The images and illusions contain only UV pigment inks and acid-free materials so they won't fade, and are built in multiple foamboard tiers to deepen their 3D effect. Some boxes also include a replica cartridge of the video game they represent.

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