Bauhutte Gaming Beds

Posted: March 04, 2020
Bauhutte Gaming Beds
$600 - $1,200
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Oh, this is bad. I mean bed. These Gaming Beds from Japanese gaming furniture brand Bauhutte might represent everything that's both right and wrong with society today. Their slick design, and even that their existence is possible, might make you kinda giddy, but like the Italian HiBed, Bauhutte Gaming Beds encourage people - and here, especially young people - to be lazy MFs who lead a sedentary and isolated lifestyle.

Bauhutte Days consist of waking up at noon, alternating between Battle Royales and "racing" cars and karts from a reclining mattress, mowing on some chips and ramen from the set's "energy wagon," and going back to sleep again. Ugh! Sounds...I mean, not bad. But it is bad. Bad bed! Bad bed! Bad...ass bed!

I wonder do Bauhutte Gaming Beds have bedpans one's mama could change out so one didn't have to get up to pee and poo.

Muchas danke to Gizmodo.

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