Creaton Crafts Book Art

Posted: February 14, 2021
Creaton Crafts Book Art
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Creaton Crafts craftmaster Lara opens her description of the magnificent Marvel comics paper vase above, and many of her other elaborate book art creations, with "I love folding and cutting paper!" And, wow. I know I tell you dudes pretty often that I hate a thing or activity - crocs, chores, projects for my mama, running, working - but one thing I really hate is folding and cutting.

It's a good thing we send emails and not letters anymore because that tri-folding of an 8-1/2 x 11 sheet of paper to fit it into the envelope? No way. I always had to make another fold at the top of mine to squish it to fit. And cutting? You should see the edges of the privacy film my mama had me hang over the glass of her bathroom window. Looks like a drunk sine wave on one side and a miter saw blade on the other.

So that Lara can not only fold and cut her book art into existence, but that she actually enjoys doing it? Psssh. That's bananas. No wait. It's apples. And flower vases. Cats and dogs and cheeseburgers and ice cream cones and Hedwig the owl from Harry Potter.

Creaton Crafts Book Art comes in all of the above shapes, and in dozens of different book titles and comic book pages. The pieces are freestanding and sized for bookshelf or desktop display as part of your office or home decor.

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