Duck Armchair

Posted: August 09, 2023
Duck Armchair
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Replace that foul-looking chair in your living room with a fowl-looking one. This Duck Armchair brings a clever design to a very cozy-looking lounge chair. Plus, it's ducking adorable, and will surely quack up anyone who sees it.

A great gift for kids...and lovers of ducks, I guess...the Duck Armchair both creates its duck effect with a pair of yellow seat cushions, and gives you the option to hide it with them. Flip the top cushion up against the chair's backrest, and you'll eliminate the duck's beak, and hide its beady black duck eyes.

The Duck Armchair is made of faux lambswool, velvet, and cotton. Dimensions are 33.5" x 26" x 22.1".

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