Motion Activated Paper Towel Dispenser

Posted: January 07, 2018
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Why do I need a motion activated paper towel dispenser? No reason that comes to my mind. She-Ra: Princess of Power, however, says: BBQ ribs; chicken wings; greasy pizza fingers; and Flamin' Hot Cheetos dust. She said she wouldn't mind having a paper towel spit out at the wave her own hands either when they're covered in raw meatball goo or kneaded bread dough.

Innovia's automatic paper towel dispenser loads with any standard paper towel roll - the kind with full- or half-sheet perforations - and uses motion activation at a sensor front and center to eject "the exact amount of paper towels you need." It then slurps back up any left behind. Easier access, less contamination, less waste.

The motion activated paper towel dispenser unit is powered by 4 x D batteries, or an included AC adapter.

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