Voodoo Gingerbread Men Cutters

Posted: December 01, 2012
Voodoo Gingerbread Men Cutters
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The holidays. They encourage us to appreciate and reminisce about those we love. Yet somehow, they also provoke us to fixate on those we hate. Fred & Friends examined this 'tis the season, yin-yang dynamic...and saw dollar signs. This year Cursed Cookies, a cutter-stamper combo, will transform the first batch of festive gingerbread men you'll bestow upon friends and family into a second batch of crossed and stitched voodoo dolls you'll use to torment--or at least tell yourself you're tormenting--your ex, your boss, your overachieving second cousin, and the dude who created Gangnam Style.

The Voodoo gingerbread man cookie cutter is double sided for punching first through the dough, and then stamping eyes, a stitched mouth, X'ed hands and feet, and a kill center heart on top of it. Each Cursed Cookies box contains one cutter for cloning jumbo, 5" nemesis puppets. Better start practicing your Haitian Creole.

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