Milk & Cookies Shots

Posted: June 05, 2016
Milk & Cookies Shots
$29.99 - $59.99
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Now that the Cookie Monster has had his fling with Siri, maybe he can engage the services of Alexa to order him a dozen...or 8 dozen...of Dirty Cookie's Milk & Cookie Shots. I can't wait to see what he gets up to while waiting for them to arrive!

And speaking of the Cookie Monster, I didn't think cookie consumption paraphernalia could get any better than this Cookie Monster Mug. But an edible Red Velvet cookie shot glass coated in white chocolate, begging to be filled with milk...or a fat wad of cream cheese icing? Cookie consumption paraphernalia just got a whole helluva lot better.

Orange County-based bakery Dirty Cookie makes every one of their Milk & Cookie Shots by hand using 100% organic flour, Belgian chocolate, and add-ins that make diet-crushing flavors, such as Chocolate Chip, Cookies N Cream, Red Velvet, and Double Chocolate. Each Shot is formed, baked, and coated in chocolate to guarantee no leaks when filled.

Bottoms up, teeth take your mark, and bellies get ready.

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