Baseus Mosquito-Killing Vortex

Posted: August 01, 2018
Baseus Mosquito-Killing Vortex

Getting sucked into a 7-blade vortex and then desiccated to death sounds like a horrible way to die...and a terrific way to kill mosquitos! This Mosquito Killer from Baseus combines elements of a bug zapper with elements of a cartoon supervillain's death machine to form an insect annihilator that gets the job done without sprays, chemicals, or the disruptive Bzzzt! sounds of other methods.

At the center of this Mosquito Killer is a UV lamp with siren song properties - it's set at a wavelength of 368nm, which Baseus says is "a mosquito fly favorite wavelength," and will lure a variety of different types of mosquito into its fold. Then, it's vortex time.

Once mosquitos get within the machine's range, a 7-bladed inner fan traps them in its tornadic arms, and dehydrates them to crusty lifelessness. Dries 'em up! Just like what Eloise always said would happen if you don't eat oatmeal.

Yeah, so what if my mama used to read me the Eloise books when I was kid?

The Baseus Mosquito Killer has 2 strength settings, and a removable tray that catches the dead bugs.

Muchas danke to Yanko Design.

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