Medieval Weapons Push Pins

Posted: November 26, 2012
Medieval Weapons Push Pins
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Now that you have a sword handle umbrella and a sword handle frying pan, it's time to continue the trek toward total sword-handled-houseware domination with these sword handle (plus an axe!) push pins. The Medieval Weapons set of cork board penetrators will accurately reflect the exceptional organizational skills, admirable valor, and proud geekiness of all who use them. Hatcheting a note to the wall about the counterintuitiveness of putting glasses in the dishwasher right side up may also prove to be a more effective way to achieve resonance with the message's recipient. And yes, Cornelius, I'm talking to you. If you don't grow some rational thinking skills, I'm going to have to ask you to call Tyrone (call him) and tell him I said come on, help you get your shit (come on, come on).

Sets of 10 Medieval Weapons Push Pins come with two each of 5, chivalrously pain-inflicting styles: Sabre, Single-Handed, Broadsword, Katana, and Axe. Handles measure approximately 1" long, not including pin length.

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