Self-Watering Bottle Planter

Posted: May 25, 2022
Self-Watering Bottle Planter
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I always knew pouring my leftover wine in plants would make them thrive. This self-watering Bottle Planter from Kikkerland just confirms that ferns and philodendrons love a good Cab Franc as much as I do.

Really?! No, not really. The Kikkerland Bottle Planter recruits the use of an empty wine - or other glass - bottle, cleaned of all traces of its previous tenant, and filled with a plant's actual elixir of life, water. With a pot designed to slide onto the bottle neck, the planter ends up:

  • Looking kinda neat
  • Communicating your wino status
  • Providing a continued use for emptied special bottles, or those with cool labels
  • And, most of all, watering your plant for you when your drunk, wine-happy self forgets.

In addition to a 3.7" x 3" clay pot with a notched hole in the center, the Bottle Planter also comes with a rope. Bury one end of it in the plant's soil, and let the other dangle into a bottle filled with water, letting the Bottle Planter keep your flora of choice as well-fed as it is well-displayed on your table or countertop.

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