Ostrich Chaise Lounge

Posted: April 23, 2015
Ostrich Chaise Lounge
$41.95 - $52.95
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Normally the idea of burying one's head in the sand carries a negative connotation, but in the case of this beach-ready lounge chair, pulling an ostrich will produce nothing but the pleasant results of full-body comfort, book and gadget accessibility, an even tan and, for the bootylicious, admiring ogles from passersby. The Ostrich chaise lounge sports a patented open/close face cavity so users can position themselves belly-down on the chair without cutting off oxygen flow, passing out, and ruining their day in the sun. It also has a pillowy face cradle for added relaxation, plus a pair of arm slots to facilitate flipping pages or pecking at touchscreens.

For face-up use, the Ostrich lounge clicks through 3 different positions, and folds to flat with a carrying strap for easy transport.

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