Armadillo Tea Canopy

Posted: June 15, 2016
Armadillo Tea Canopy

The belly of a beast doesn't have to be Old Testament-style miserable and wet and reeking of rotting fish. Unlike Jonah, you'll be able to relish some shade from the blaring sun, some shelter from the summer rains, and hours of comfort sprawled out on a lounger, cold drink in hand, nestled in the belly of Ron Arad's Armadillo.

OK, fine, it's not a real armadillo. It's the architect's Armadillo Tea Canopy.

Arad designed his modular canopy as an indoor / outdoor enclosure for privacy and shelter. Use it for reflection or use it to party--the structure's application is up to you. So too is its configuration. The Tea Canopy consists of 5 molded shells. Each is made of repeatable modular components connected by exposed fixings and stiffening brackets. Install it as a long 215-square-foot back of armadillo armor, a smaller, contracted overhead cover, or a series of separated modules that let the sun in at their gaps.

Armadillo shells can be finished with anything from oiled plywood to weather-resistant PVDF-coated timber composite.

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