Micro TagBand Skin Tag Remover

Posted: December 05, 2019
TagBand Skin Tag Remover

The Micro TagBand skin tag remover is a tiny, low-tech tool for popping off bulbous mounds of excess flesh by way of slow strangulation.

In other words, the Micro TagBand skin tag remover is for right after you pick out a sexy gift for that special someone and need to look at something that will make your boner go away.

To use the Micro TagBand, first load up the pointy piece with one of the skin tag removal bands. Cleanse the overzealous hump of epidermis in question with one of the included swabs, and then place the tool's cone end over it, flush with the surrounding skin. Use the L-shaped remover arm to slide the band from plastic body to human body, and there you go. Operation Skin Tag Asphyxiation is a go.

In a couple of days, you should start to see the effects of the Micro TagBand, with the treated skin tag eventually falling right off. Hopefully not into your coffee or lunch, but if so, hey. Can't be any worse than the meat on a stick you get from the Pan-Asian food truck.

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