Tank Slippers

Posted: September 25, 2012
Tank Slippers
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Incoming! And this time, in addition to unleashing artillery, they're also unleashing the ripe, fishy odors of feet that have been sweating underneath an 8" thickness of woolen yarn! Tank Slippers, should you be up for the intermediate challenge of crocheting them yourself, could prove to be the best gift ever given to your favorite armoured personnel carrier enthusiast, or co-worker during a White Elephant exchange.

Important Note: Pattern creator Miligurumis stresses (in all caps and 3 languages) that ordering options and the $6.99 price tag are for a PDF of instructions for DIYing the Tank Slippers. As of September 3, 2012 the shop was sold out of the finished product, though check back here for potential future restocking (reslippering?).

Tank Slipper patterns are currently fashioned for US men's size 10-1/2, but additional sizes should be uploaded soon. The PDF includes written directions, as well as photos.

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