Trident Iceni Magna Diesel Sports Car

Posted: May 10, 2014
Trident Iceni Diesel Sports Car
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Regular diesel, kerosene, paraffin, or biodiesel can now take you from 0 to 60 in 3.7 seconds. Meet the Trident Iceni Magna diesel sports car. It can also top out at speeds of over 190 mph. And its 6.6-liter turbo diesel V8 produces 397 bhp and 700 lbs/ft of torque. OK, on second thought, the British Trident Iceni may fly right past sports car designation. Meet the Trident Iceni Magna diesel supercar.

Not enough to make you bow down before the Iceni? How about this: it can get around 58 miles to the gallon, and travel up to 2,000 miles before requiring a refill.

British-based Trident's powerful engine (which elevates to 660 bhp with 1050 lbs/ft of torque with performance package upgrades) has its own uniquely designed and manufactured gearbox and differential. The gearbox is a fluid drive to 1mph, and then locks up to manual. It has 6 gears standard and a paddle-shift option available to make the Iceni a 2-pedal car.

Iceni will have 3 models total in its range; at printing the base Convertible and brand-new Magna models had been released. Both have similar components and capabilities, though the Iceni Magna is Trident's fastback model with body options, including front and rear wing vents, side exhausts, and twin venturis through the bonnet. Both cars have 4003 stainless steel chassis with 100-year guarantees on strength and torsional rigidity. A central longitudinal spine, rollover bar, and twin-baffled pontoon outriggers provide front, rear, and side impact protection.

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