Barn Owl Pellets

Posted: April 13, 2017
Barn Owl Pellets
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Barn owl pellets are the results of barn owls wolfing down their food without chewing it enough. Just like I do. But unlike me, the owls do not have cast iron stomachs that can digest the fur and bones of the little rodents and rabbits they eat, so they must hack them back up and spit them out through their beaks as, sometimes impressively large, owl pellets. Think of your cat's hairballs with a coupla mice ribs or a bat skull mixed in.

Barn owl pellets are for sale to the general public because they are rich in protein and omega-3s, and the newest recommended addition to the Paleo diet. Just kidding. They're for sale because they're fun to dissect, and present a neat food chain learning opportunity for kids, and dudes who need a break from Netflix.

The pack o' pellets here includes 5 pods that have been professionally treated, sealed in aluminum foil, and then sealed again in a poly bag. In general, each owl pellet is the size of a man's thumb and contains the remains of up to 5 small mammals.

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