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Posted: September 16, 2015
$299 - $599
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Want some quality time with your kid that doesn't involve a screen and a controller? Infento is a series of DIY kits and one tool (yep, just one) that allows parents and kids to build 11 or more different, real-life rides. Think Meccano and LEGO scaled to 0- to 13-year-old kid size. Yeah, 0 to 13. That's the one downside of Infento: all of the finished bikes, trikes, wagons, and swings are just for Junior.

In addition to promoting family bonding, Infento kits help instill a solid work ethic in lazy children. Well...they do. They also equip kids with a foundation of technical skills for future use and give the whole family a sweet way to spend time together working towards a shared goal. Since each Infento comes with multiple possibilities for construction, you can also take apart and rebuild new rides as kids grow out of, or grow bored of, old ones.

Infento has 3 kits that combine to create 11 standard ride options. They're sure others are out there for you to dream up and bring to life too. The Junior Kit has a 6-ride base and is intended to help teach kids 0 to 5 years old how to walk, bike, and move. Instructions for the following rides are included: walker; scooter; balance bike; balance trike; balance carrier; and tricycle. Once your child hits 4, s/he'll be better equipped to handle (and pitch in on) the Creator Kit, which comes with parts for all Junior Kit rides, plus a more advanced B-Trike, Arrow, and Runner. For Master Creators, parents and kids interested in using Infento from birth through about age 13, your kit will build 11 standard rides, all 9 from Junior and Creator, plus the Bulldog and the Swing.

Check out all the Infento constructible rides kits and pledge for one of your own on Kickstarter through October 5, 2015.

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