Machined Aluminum Turner's Cube

Posted: May 26, 2021
Machined Aluminum Turner's Cube

The Turner's Cube is not named after Ted or Tina. This machined aluminum desk and fidget toy from Keith Rogers has much more humble - albeit skilled - beginnings with master machinists and their apprentices.

The story goes that the former would give the latter a solid cube and challenge them to turn it into the solid cube in a cage you see above. To complete the challenge the lathe operators, or "turners," would have needed to master all the crucial skills on the lathe the master had endeavored to teach them.

Hobby machinists today can still test their proficiency by turning a Turner's Cube as they did when it got its name. Or. They can go the calculator / clothes washer / Instant Pot / Yardroid landscaping tank route, and have a computer and CNC machine do the hard work for them.

Rogers' machined aluminum floating Turner's Cubes are little 1" wonders engraved (at printing) in your choice of 2 styles: Rubik's Cube; and D6 Game Die. Both are available on Amazon, as well as Turner's Cube Co.

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