Worry Monster - Gobbles Up Your Troubles

Posted: February 19, 2022
Worry Monster - Gobbles Up Your Troubles
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I've seen Worry Monster stuffed animals, plush toys with zippered mouths and belly pouches made to hold your fears and concerns. But with their technicolor fur and cartoonish looks, those Worry Monsters are obviously meant to soothe children. These Worry Monsters are a little, just a little, more subtle.

Designed by Anastasiia Grishina while she was a student in the School of Design at the University of Illinois, Chicago, the trouble gobblers shown here are certainly kooky and colorful in appearance, but they're also desktop-sized at 6" tall, and much more inconspicuous for all ages to use in alleviating worries. Grishina's Worry Monsters are made of folded cardstock fitted with a pin that slides between the monster's eyes. The set also includes a wavy pad of paper and a pen.

When something's bugging you, write it down on one of the strips of paper, insert the end into the pin, and twist the knob to coil it up. Then pull the pin out, and watch the Worry Monster eat your worry away.

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