Rumble Jar Cold Brew Coffee Maker for Mason Jars

Posted: June 02, 2022
Rumble Jar Cold Brew Coffee Maker for Mason Jars
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Hey there, fight fans, are you ready for a little Rumble in the J...ar? And really, it's not so much rumble-y as it is 200-micron-holes filter-y. But the cold brew this Rumble Jar cold brew coffee maker for mason jars produces will definitely pack a punch. One rich, smooth, and caffeinated enough to keep you hyped at a heavyweight match, or just awake at your kid's soccer game, for hours.

The Rumble Jar features an 18/8 stainless steel filter tube that slides, filled with coarse-ground coffee, inside a mason jar. The filter takes advantage of the airtight seal the jar's lid and ring form, allowing water to circulate and extraction to take place without oxidation, as occurs when you use mesh filters that sit on top of the brewing vessel. The result is fresher cold brew for longer. An airtight seal also keeps the coffee from leaking as you move, jostle, or transport the jar.

The Rumble Jar opts for a filter with 200 micron holes instead of fine mesh, which its makers say are better sized for water movement, and also increase the quality of your cold brew; finer mesh is intended for hot coffee that percolates through similarly finer grounds.

Rumble Jar filters also come with silicone top caps for sealing grounds inside, and providing some shock absorption. The "Rumble" in the Rumble Jar's name comes from the brewing process, which asks you to rotate your mason jar sideways a few times after adding grounds and water to "rumble" it up. Then you'll need to let the jar sit overnight to complete extraction.

Rumble Jar cold brew sets come with filters sized either for 32-ounce or 64-ounce mason jars.

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