The Burger Lift

Posted: December 01, 2016
The Burger Lift
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Even though the Burger Lift is kind of a head-scratcher--wait, why do I need a plastic rack in the shape of a burger to raise my real burger half an inch off the plate?--it still might be one of the most logical things to happen in all of 2016. And I swear, its existence is legit and available for purchase this holiday season. The Burger Lift is 100% not fake news.

For better or worse.

Check it out: Made of fiery-hot-burner-colored (and microwave-safe!) 5 PP plastic, the Burger Lift lifts your burger off your plate so its gooey drippings and encroaching side dishes don't run onto the bun and make it all soggy and nasty. The Burger Lift also provides a platform for OCDs who can't handle it when different foods touch one another. And, maybe most reasonably, it gives your Benedict Burger the throne it deserves.

Backed by a mantra of Lift your buns! Lift your buns!, the Burger Lift elevates sandwich-eating in every sense of the word. The plastic racks are sold in sets of 4, so you and your neat & tidy bros can all keep your 5 Guys takeout the F away from unsavory spillover grease and errant blobs of mayo.

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