Moonwalkers - Walk at Running Speed

Posted: February 15, 2023
Moonwalkers - Walk at Running Speed
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Moonwalkers? Hmmm. Well, these shoes that claim to make you walk at running speed definitely have the "moon" part right - they make your feet look like they're donning a big ol' pair of moon boots. The aesthetic doesn't really jibe with Moonwalkers' slogan, "The world's fastest shoes," but I guess if you're going to put 8 wheels and 300W of battery power on personal transporters that velcro onto your existing kicks, you're also going to have some resultant chunk and heft to deal with.

And while I'm no expert on all the candidates in the running for the title of The World's Fastest Shoes, if Moonwalkers are speaking truth, and can really jet me along the street like I'm power walking on one of those horizontal escalators while everyone else is moseying down the normal sidewalk, moon boots or not, I'm in.

Moonwalkers claim a 250% increase in walking speed, up to 7MPH, over a range of 5 to 7 miles per charge. They also claim their bulk, largely the result of the 8-wheel drivetrain, is there to accommodate the inevitable uneven terrain you'll encounter on your walking runs. The many overlapping wheels simulate larger diameter wheels, and help keep you rolling smoothly over bumps and raised edges.

Moonwalkers use AI to adapt to your stride, so the faster you walk, the faster they go, and vice versa. Foot-driven gesture control allows for transitioning between Shift and Lock settings to go and stand still.

At printing, Moonwalkers were available for preorder with a $50 deposit. Maker Shift Robotics anticipates shipping to begin in Summer 2023.

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