Portable Folding Toilet

Posted: September 14, 2021
Portable Folding Toilet
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Flying poop? Not cool. Pooping on the fly? So...well, maybe not cool per se, but certainly useful. Especially when you can whip out a Portable Folding Toilet on your hiking or camping trip, or when Montezuma decides to take his revenge when you're on the road and the next rest stop isn't for another 67 miles.

This Portable Folding Toilet pops up and pairs with 6- to 8-gallon human waste bags so you can poo poo and pee pee to your excretory system's content from anywhere. (Note: technically anywhere. At the table in a restaurant, in line at the DMV, and in the middle of your in-laws' living room are not recommended.)

When not in use the Portable Folding Toilet collapses down to a 2" thick disc, or you can put the lid on it and use it as a stool. Both with the lid and the "toilet seat" topper for sitting and doing your business on, the Portable Folding Toilet can support up to 220 pounds of weight.

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