Stand Urinal-Sink

Posted: June 28, 2021
Stand Urinal-Sink
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Ah, there it is. The Urinal-Sink. The way I've been searching for to take a leak and wash my hands at the same time. Peeing while sanitizing. Or maybe peeing followed immediately, instantly by sanitizing, unless the Urinal-Sink also has an arm or a ledge to hold up Willy for me, but the gist is, this artistic and functional achievement from Latvian design firm Stand is going to save me at least 15 seconds and a dozen steps in every public restroom lucky enough to have it installed. It's brilliant!

And ladies, if you're feeling left out - like, why can't you pee and wash your hands at the mall and the club using the same primary reservoir? - don't fret! There are regular toilet sinks available to you, as well as to dudes who want to deuce and disinfect in a single central location, too. Even better, these sinks are sold as attachments for standard toilets - all you have to do is swap them in for the tank lid, and do some basic hookup. Voila! Toilet water for hand washing is all yours!

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