Plinko Board Bottle Opener

Posted: July 03, 2018
Plinko Board Bottle Opener
$60 - $115
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I had not yet seen this Plinko board bottle opener when I compiled my complete home bar product guide, but now that I have I realize using the word "complete" was a complete lie. Without a Plinko board bottle opener - including bottle-cap-catching magnets built in to the slots at the bottom! - my home bar is worth $1, Bob.

Handmade to order from LeRoy Woodworks, the Plinko board bottle opener sees a standard iron cap remover screwed in to the top of a custom wood-pegged case. The 6 divided slots at the bottom each contain a magnet to attract and secure removed caps. You can also order your PlinkOpener with a set of shot glasses to do the catching, and turn Plinko into a real game, instead.

That is, the shot glasses should be full of 6 different shots, and whichever one the beer popper's cap lands in is the one he's going to need a beer chaser for.

Additional customization options include having LeRoy Woodworks stain the Plinko board and replace the standard 1 - 6 slot numbering system with text of your choice. Again, turning the Plinko bottle opener into a Plinko drinking game, with commands of "Take a drink," "Give a drink," etc.

The Plinko board bottle opener case measures about 12" wide x 20" tall.

Muchas danke to The Awesomer.

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