Snapshotr Dual-Chamber Shot Glass

Posted: November 08, 2014
$12 - $15
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In a day and age when progress and the advancement of humankind are tantamount, we can't expect to just keep doing the same old keg stands and beer bongs. We have to evolve. And the Snapshotr, like the Vaportini, is one attempt to support the evolution of getting drunk. It's a transparent, dual-chamber shot glass that lets everyone enjoy the show as its inner system of gears separates liquor pours from their chasers, and then rolls back with a twist to allow the bottom liquid to flow through the moment the top liquid has disappeared.

Snapshotr's primary function is to isolate any 2 liquids or combinations thereof until the time is right. In addition to its novelty appeal (and usefulness to lightweights who can't possibly wait the additional second it takes to grab a cup of Coke after their shot of Jack) the Snapshotr hopes to give mixologists, cocktail connoisseurs, and dudes trying to impress girls with pretty colors "the ability to create truly revolutionary, never-before-possible shot combinations." Its vertical isolation of top and bottom ingredients can also hold them neatly on standby until everyone's ready to shoot the Jagerbomb, or replicate the visual splendor of a layered drink even if the drink's mixer doesn't have the talent to create a layered drink.

Snapshotr glasses, running as a Kickstarter campaign through December 8, 2014, will be made in the USA of impact-resistant Tritan, a virtually unbreakable plastic copolyester. They are FDA approved for food use, and BPA/BPS-free. Both bottom and top Snapshotr chambers will hold 1.5 fl oz.

Muchas danke to Manny for the Dude Product Tip.

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