VW Camper Van Toaster

Posted: October 30, 2013
VW Camper Van Toaster

Whether it's a tent, a bunk bed, or an actual motor vehicle...that can't go faster than 50...it seems the VW Camper Van has achieved an iconic status that will never wane. But what I want to know is, can the VW Camper Van Toaster toast my bread into toast that will also get me toasted? It seems like a logical feature of this particular wheat-crisping model. And if it's one the toaster has, I'm sold.

If it's not, then...any chance I could get a double-wide, 4-slotted version? I figure if my VW can't get me high at breakfast it may as well jack me up by way of carbo-loading. Slop some orange marmalade and apple butter on a quad of lightly browned sourdough bad boys and send me into the dawn of day. Or, more likely, the groggy haze of mid-afternoon. Gotta start remembering the alarm only goes off when I set it.

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