Telescoping Christmas Ornament Storage Box

Posted: November 14, 2022
Telescoping Christmas Ornament Storage Box
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Decorating the Christmas tree: fun, festive, and full of egg-nog-filled Moose Mugs. Un-decorating the Christmas tree: suckage. Usually accompanied by tedious ornament wrapping, a few broken ornaments, string light bulb replacement, and tree needles and ornament hooks jabbing your fingers, sometimes right underneath the fingernail so it throbs for the next several hours. Well, hey, this telescoping Christmas ornament storage box from TreeKeeper can help solve at least two of those problems.

TreeKeeper's clever multi-tiered ornament holder eliminates the need to enshroud ornaments in newspaper, tissue paper, or leftover wrapping paper, and then pile them precariously in a plastic bin, fingers crossed they don't get crushed, or discolored over the following year by your choice of protective wrap. The design comes with 5 individual trays lined with acid-free velour fabric to cushion ornaments, and each tray is suspended from metal rails to create an air cushion between them, and prevent crushing when they're stacked.

Each tray also slides on and off its rods, so you can rotate their order, take one 'round the tree with you, or always keep the tray you're currently working with on top. TreeKeeper's 5-tray telescoping ornament storage box holds up to 120 ornaments up to 4" tall, and nearly any width and length, since each tray has dividers that are adjustable.

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