Paint2iT Pro Anti-Gravity Paint Tray

Posted: October 12, 2016
Paint2It Pro Anti-Gravity Paint Pan
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What, you don't like splatter painting your carpet purple--sorry, eggplant--too when your girlfriend convinces you it's a "gender neutral" color perfect for your living room walls? Or spilling the whole tray of paint when you pick it up to move spots right at the moment her F'ing cat Zanzibar decides to make a 10-foot lateral leap from the window sill to the armchair in your peripheral vision? Then maybe next time you should use A Paint2iT Pro anti-gravity paint tray.

Paint2iT says their Pro brush and roller palette is a guaranteed no-drip way to transfer color from your pan to your walls. Or your canvas if that's your thing. The circular tray has some sort of ultra-absorbent liner that sucks up the runniness of paint so you can move it or hold it at any angle without spilling.

Paint2iT Pro holds up to 12 ounces of paint and, despite its sponge effect, appears to deliver it readily and evenly to a brush or roller when you're ready to stroke. There's a strap on the back for gripping and holding the tray while you work. The Paint2iT liner can both hold (and keep separate) multiple colors at once, and be washed and reused for months.

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