GrillFloss BBQ Grill Cleaning Tool

Posted: August 03, 2017
GrillFloss BBQ Grill Cleaning Tool
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If I can't even be bothered to floss my own teeth how likely is it I'm going to floss my grill? This GrillFloss tool better be reeeeal easy and un-bothersome to use.

Unfortunately, the BBQ cleaner doesn't mention how much elbow grease is involved in its application. Rather, GrillFloss' primary selling point is that, like dental floss, it "cleans where a brush can't reach." That means the entire circumference of your grill rods, including the sides and bottom. Push, turn, pull, push, turn, pull is your GrillFloss mantra during scraping and un-caking.

GrillFloss works only on BBQs with cylindrical grill grates, but the tool comes with a dual-sized cleaning head, so as long as you've got the round ones, it won't matter if they're an A or a DD. To reach deeper areas of a hot grill, the GrillFloss has a 20" handle.

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