Forj Thermoplastic Repair Tape-Ribbon

Posted: January 02, 2019
Forj Thermoplastic Repair Tape-Ribbon
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Forj ahead with neither a broken tow chain link nor your daughter's decapitated baby doll slowing you down. Forj is a container of thermoplastic repair tape-ribbon that molecularly fuses to itself in seconds after you expose it to heat. Then, once the fix-it is cooled, its self-bonding plastic hardens into a connections as strong as steel.

Or, more specifically, over 1,000 pounds of tensile strength. In a ribbon-tape that weighs less than 1 pound per 100 feet.

Using water, a hair dryer, or another heat source, heat Forj to 140 degrees F or hotter to activate and make it malleable. You'll knew when it's ready when the tape loses its opacity and becomes clear. Then you can adhere and shape it to items in need of repair, or shape it as a standalone to create a custom grip, handle, or rivet. As Forj cools it fuses to itself, hardening and turning back to its original white color.

If you make a mistake during your first go around with Forj, you can reheat and reform Forj several times to achieve the effect you're after.

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