KarbonOptix Carbon Fiber Sunglasses

Posted: January 06, 2016
KarbonOptix Carbon Fiber Sunglasses
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Have you ever been like, Where are my sunglasses?! Where are my sunglasses?! only to realize they're right on top of your head? Or your face? Get a pair of KarbonWorx's KarbonOptix carbon fiber sunglasses and that's going to happen a lot more often. I myself own some, and when the box arrived I got annoyed because I thought they sent me an empty box. These things are light. Lighter than aluminum, according to KarbonWorx, but stronger than steel.

The carbon fiber designation is no misnomer. KarbonOptix frames have no cover, no sticker, and no plastic faking their aesthetic. They're made entirely of 3K twill woven carbon fiber--the same, KarbonWorx notes, as that you'd find on a Lambo or Ferrari. Each pair is CNC-cut and then milled by hand, and takes about 3 days to complete.

To maintain lightness, and to help keep total sunglass costs down, KarbonOptix lenses are simple polarized plastic inserts. You can choose from Chrome, Blue, Deep Orange, or Teal colors, or you can pop them out and put in your own custom / prescription sunglass lenses without concern about tossing expensive glass lenses. The carbon fiber frames also come in a choice of 2 colors, Carbon Black and White Carbon.

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