VentaPak Backpack Spacer for Ventilation

Posted: April 25, 2021
VentaPak Backpack Spacer for Ventilation
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Vent your packin' back with VentaPak. The lightweight backpack spacer, made to attach to your existing backpack, creates some literal breathing room between your skin and your load to help keep you cooler as you mule up to walk, hike, or bike. For travelers and commuters schlepping backpacks, the VentaPak also helps prevent your shirt from devolving into a sweat-soaked mess as you work your way to your destination.

The VentaPak uses an ultralight zinc alloy frame to lift and hold packs a few inches away from wearers' backs - just enough to promote airflow. The portion of the VentaPak that makes bodily contact instead of the backpack is an aerated mesh panel. Casing material and the VentaPak's vertical straps are made of neoprene foam. The adjustable straps secure your backpack to the spacer's frame, but you'll still wear the original backpack straps over your own shoulders.

In addition to battling heat and increasing ventilation, the VentaPak is designed to provide more structure and support for backpack diehards, reducing back strain and improving posture during wear.

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