3D Wolf Crotch Underwear

Posted: November 02, 2016
Wolf Crotch Underwear
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One of the 3 wolves howling at the moon on my T-shirt decided to break from the pack, and lookee where he ended up. I think this positioning works out better for both of us. He gets some privacy, and I get an accurate representation of what lies beneath his cotton-spandex blend snout.

The Wolf Crotch Underwear further achieve Top Novelty Gift status with the 3D treatment. Briefs have a front pouch that will both comfortably house Snake & the Boys, and enhance the wolf illusion with a protruding snout.

At printing, there were a ton of Wolf Crotches making the rounds on Amazon, all of them pretty inexpensive, and probably not the best quality, but good for a laugh, stocking stuffer, or white elephant gift.

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