Luminous Mermaid Dress

Posted: August 05, 2021
Luminous Mermaid Dress
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Make a Splash! at this year's Halloween costume party with a Luminous Mermaid Dress from Night Walker Art. Haha, Splash!, get it? Anyone...anyone...Daryl Hannah?

The Mermaid Dress is a showstopper and, in this case, not because it's skimpy up top and skin tight on the bottom (though that doesn't hurt.) Rather it's the fiber optic fabric and LED lights Night Walker Art has woven into the costume, giving it a stunning iridescent glow, plus the option to illuminate it in 28 different solid or flashing colors. The latter transforming anyone wearing the Luminous Mermaid Dress into a real siren! Haha, siren, get it? Anyone...anyone...Ariel?

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