Blitzball - Ultimate Backyard Baseball

Posted: July 06, 2015
$11.99 - $19.99
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What makes Blitzball the ultimate in backyard baseball? I mean, in addition to the allusion to Final Fantasy? Curves and distance, say its creators. Times two. Check out the video and you won't just see Blitzballs fly, you'll see them fly from the hands of peewees as if thrown by pros. A uniquely geometric Blitzball design produces more curving action, higher throw speeds, and greater home run distances for players of all levels. At under 1 ounce each, the plastic balls are also safe for backyard use.

Blitzballs lend themselves to the mastery of any big league pitch. The Blitzball website includes how-tos for sliders, 2-seam fastballs, curveballs, knuckleballs, change-ups, and rising fastballs. A Blitzball starter set includes 3 balls, plus a 33" Blitzball Power Bat engineered to blast Blitzes up to 200 feet. Ball-only packages are also available by the 4s.

All Blitzball products are made in the USA.

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