Sky Bouncer - Bouncing Frisbee

Posted: December 03, 2013
Sky Bouncer - Bouncing Frisbee

Great. Now when I don't catch the frisbee not only is it going to hit me in the face, it's going to hit me in the face and then bounce off up to 25 feet. The Sky Bouncer flies like a disc but ricochets off walls, floors, skulls, and rock hard abs like a rubber ball. It comes in 6 bright, translucent colors so you have a better shot at catching it--or ducking out of its path--when it rips your way at 91 m/s.

Actually, I don't know exactly how fast Sky Bouncers fly. The 25-foot bounce height is the only performance data listed. But 91 m/s is the fastest recorded speed of any ball in sports*, so I figure that's about right.

*It was a golf ball, and in speed measurements understood by metric-scoffing Americans, that equates to 204 mph.

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