Love Hulten FC - PVM Gaming System

Posted: August 19, 2019
Love Hulton FC - PVM Gaming System

Love Hulten. It's a clever name right? Because whether you're an old school gamer who actually remembers the time when Sony Trinitron PVM-9042QM monitors and Japanese Famicom consoles were hot products in the marketplace, or a young whippersnapper growing up on Twitch who just appreciates the retro aesthetic, you've got no choice here but to Love Hulten, and the Swedish artist's FC-PVM.

The FC-PVM is a custom all-in-one gaming system that combines the aforementioned Sony monitor and Famicom console. While the original controllers are also included, Hulten has modified them to operate wirelessly and, in a further display of leveling up, store hidden inside the unit, with a push-release mechanism for access. The top of the FC-PVM system has an additional storage Easter Egg, this one for up to 8 Famicom cartridges.

And yes, his name really is Love Hulten. And yes, he makes tons of other cool retro gaming pieces too, like this and this.

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