Cookie & Pretzel Ice Cream Cones

Posted: April 17, 2019
Cookie & Pretzel Ice Cream Cones
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Nothing against plain ol' wafer cones here, but as the great Cookie Monster would say, Coooooookie?! And likewise, the great Pretzel Monster, Pretzelllllll?!

Oh come on, there's gotta be a Pretzel Monster out there somewhere, right? No? Well how about this guy?

Cookie & Pretzel Ice Cream Cones come in packs of 5, each staunch and sturdy enough to support the pressures of scoop packing, scoop licking, and ravenous scoop-and-cone biting down to the last crunchiest, meltiest bite.

Cookie Ice Cream Cones are comprised of all the ingredients baked into crunchy chocolate chip cookies.

Pretzel Ice Cream Cones bring some toasty biscuit and a lick of salt. I've heard they're just saline enough to make you say, These Pretzel Ice Cream Cones are makin' me thirsty!

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