lul Portable Zero Gravity Hammock Chair

Posted: January 03, 2022
lul Portable Zero Gravity Hammock Chair
$220 - $799
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How did Lull World create a zero gravity hammock chair that's portable, ergonomic, and transformable to suit everything from a day working in the office to a day lounging in the park? They just threw together a 'lul' of this and a 'lul' of that.

The 'lul' portable hammock chair is designed to cradle you in "a carefree, womb-like state, with love and warmth." Officially, this is called the Dynamic Zero Gravity Position, and it's based on the ergonomics used to build astronauts' spacecraft chairs. The 'lul' consists of a foldable steel frame and a hammock-style cover that secures over it to support, elevate, and rock you like a baby.

When not in use, the 'lul' chair collapses flat, with both hammock and frame slipping into a custom carry bag. Lull World intends to produce their zero gravity hammock chairs in several different models, from Basic to Work to one called World, which comes with a giant witch's hat and net that cover the chair to provide shade and privacy, and keep the bugs out.

The 'lul' portable zero gravity hammock chair is running a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter through January 10, 2022.

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