Armatix Smart System for Firearms

Posted: February 26, 2014
Armatix Smart System for Firearms

Looks like James Bond and Data from The Goonies are finally making good on that collaboration they've been talking about. What we have here is a smartwatch-controlled pistol. A gun that will fire only if it is within range of its Casio-esque digital timepiece. When radio contact between the two is lost--if the gun is stolen or knocked from the shooter's hands--the pistol automatically deactivates itself. Parent company Armatix has taken a special interest in gun safety, their latest development being a suite of forthcoming precautionary implements called the Smart System.

Perhaps the most desirable Smart System acquisition will be Armatix's iP1 Limited Edition Set. The package includes the company's iP1 Pistol, iW1 wristwatch, and Quicklock mechatronic blocking device with digital key. The .22 caliber iP1 Pistol will fire 10-round magazines, but only at an operating distance of up to 10" from the user's connected iW1 smartwatch. In addition to capabilities of arming/disarming the pistol, iW1 will come with features such as:

  • PIN code entry and management for weapon enablement.
  • A charge level indicator for both watch and weapon.
  • A time-controlled weapon deactivation setting.
  • A shooting range mode wherein the watch will provide encouragement, words of praise, and comments on probable penis size in the voice of Angelina Jolie. (Well that was my emailed request anyway.)
  • A power supply for 5,000 rounds, or a minimum one-year standby, depending on operation.
  • The multitudinous time-related powers of a standard, waterproof digital watch.

The Quicklock element of Armatix's iP1 Limited Edition Set pairs a blocking device manually inserted into the pistol's cartridge chamber to lock the weapon from within, and a digital key to release it. Once a link is established between the blocking device and key, the user authorizes release with a PIN or fingerprint, and the key transmits necessary release data. The blocking device is then ready for manual removal. Note that Smart System's Quicklock is available for all calibers of firearm conventionally available for purchase, not just the Armatix iP1.

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