Ka-Bar Self Defense Cane

Posted: October 30, 2014
Ka-Bar Self Defense Cane

One more reason you don't mess with Grandpa. This Ka-Bar powder-coated aluminum cane supports both a bad right knee and a wicked righthand swing. The walking stick flawlessly doubles as a self defense tool...presuming you know how to wield it and don't, say, inadvertently crack your own self in the shin when you're swinging for your friend Cornelius'...right up to its pokey beveled top edge. And the Ka-Bar's best feature: it's usually allowed places firearms and other protective gear are not.

If you don't have a pet to defend with one of Arc Angel's stun sticks, the Ka-Bar could be your lower profile, higher finesse means of fending off a thief or generally crazed loony. Also a nice prop to have when it's time to impress the ladies with impromptu Fred Astaire and Jiminy Cricket impressions.

The Ka-Bar aluminum cane measures 39" long, but can be cut shorter to fit.

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